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To ensure that the Strategic Plan is relevant to the community and reflects community priorities, public and staff input was sought at various stages throughout the process. Read the summary of Public input below as well as the Waterloo Region Community Survey.

Public input sources and data files

Waterloo Region Matters Survey

Waterloo Region Matters Survey 2019 - Overview and highlights of the results. Read the DRAFT report.

Telephone survey (IVR)

The Interactive Voice Response (IVR) survey was conducted by Professor Anthony Piscitelli with assistance from students at Conestoga College for the 2019 Public Service Capstone Project. Read the DRAFT full report.

Summary of public input

Read the summary of public input from the Community Wellbeing Survey, telephone poll and student engagement.

Results of engagement on the DRAFT Strategic Objectives

Read citizen engagement results from the engage platform

 Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey

 Read the results of the Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey (full report)

Wellbeing survey results and background
In today’s complex and interconnected world how do we improve the wellbeing of the community so that no one is left behind and everyone thrives?  

In 2018, a group of 16 community organizations in Waterloo Region wanted to find out how Waterloo Region residents felt about their wellbeing and quality of life in this community.  They also wanted to know what they could do collectively to make transformational change in wellbeing as they recognized that it would take a coordinated response to find solutions that have an impact on something as complex and interconnected as wellbeing.

The 16 organizations collaborated on a community-wide wellbeing survey, and include:

  • All the area municipalities;
  • the Region of Waterloo;
  • the Local Health Integration Network;
  • community health centers;
  • the Kitchener Waterloo Community Foundation;
  • the United Way;
  • and the Police, and
  • the Crime Prevention Council.

About the Wellbeing Survey:

The Waterloo Region Wellbeing Survey asks residents how various factors related to wellbeing influence their overall health. The survey gathered perceptions on eight interconnected domains of wellbeing: 

  • community vitality;
  • healthy populations;
  • democratic engagement;
  • the environment;
  • leisure and culture;
  • education;
  • living standards; and
  • time use.

The following methods were used to encourage people 16 years and older living in Waterloo Region to take the survey:

  • An online survey was advertised through a variety of traditional and social media channels.
  • A personalized letter was sent to 40,000 randomly selected households across the Waterloo Region.
  • A targeted outreach to specific populations that were identified as needing extra supports to complete the survey (e.g. people living on a low income, immigrants/refugees, people living with physical or mental health challenges, the Mennonite community, youth, older adults, people who are experiencing trouble with the law, people with mental health or addiction issues, etc.)
 Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey - a prompt for discussion
This document highlights some of the findings from the Waterloo Region Community Wellbeing Survey (see full report above). It includes comparisons of survey findings to other data sources, including a similar survey conducted in the region in 2013. Census statistical data was also used in order to compare health outcomes to citizen perceptions.

This report is intended as a prompt for discussion to encourage further conversations with diverse voices to generate the most impactful solutions that improve wellbeing in Waterloo Region.

 Raw data from 2019 Multicultural Festival
 This report contains public input from the 2019 multicultural festival in Kitchener.
 Public input from the Woolwich joint Municipal session -- May 22, 2019
 This report contains the themed input and raw data from the joint municipal session in Woolwich. StratChat public feedback summary report, August 2019 (RAW DATA)
 This report contains the raw data submitted on the Region's draft priorities and objectives.

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