Frequently Requested By-laws

Please contact the Clerk's Office if the By-law you are looking for is not listed below. 

You may also visit our By-law Enforcement page for regulatory By-laws. 

Code of Use (Use of Regional Buildings, Properties and Services)

The Region of Waterloo regulates the use of Regional buildings, properties and services through the Code of Use By-law 13-050, as amended by 18-056 and by 20-034. This includes visitor conduct while accessing Regional buildings, properties or services such as GRT, Regional museums, and Regional headquarters. 

Consolidation of By-law 13-050: The Office Consolidation Version for Reference Only of the Region’s Code of Use By-law No. 13-050 as amended by By-law Nos. 18-056, 20-034, and 20-051. If there are any discrepancies between this consolidation and Bylaws 13-050, 18-056, 20-034 and 20-051, the By-laws shall prevail.

Carrying out Inspection 
By-law 07-035, to allow municipal officers to enter lands for the purpose of carrying out inspections. 
Development Charges

By-law 19-037, to establish development charges for the Region.


The Traffic and Parking By-law was amended by By-Law Number 22-015, a By-law to permit electric kick-scooters (e-scooters) on certain Regional Roads.

Effective July 1, 2022, e-scooters are permitted on:

  • All Regional Roads 50 km/hr or less
  • All Regional Roads with bike lanes, regardless of speed limit
  • On all boulevard multi-use paths adjacent Regional Roads
    • E.g., paved trails next to roads like Homer Watson Blvd.

Helmets are mandatory for all e-scooter riders, regardless of age.

Visit the e-scooter project page for information about the local municipalities’ e-scooter permissions for local municipal roads and to learn more about this joint initiative.

Face Covering 

Consistent with the updated direction provided by Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, Waterloo Regional Council repealed the mask by-law requiring face coverings in enclosed public spaces, effective March 21, 2022. 

By-law 22-005, A By-law to Repeal By-law 20-035, A By-law to Require the Wearing of Face Coverings in Enclosed Public Places During the COVID-19 Pandemic, and its amending By-Laws 20-052 and 21-025

By-law 22-006, A By-law to Repeal Provisions of By-law 13-050, A By-Law Respecting the Conduct of Persons Entering Upon Buildings, Grounds and Public Transportation Vehicles Owned or Occupied by The Regional Municipality of Waterloo, to Require the Wearing of Face Coverings in Enclosed Public Places of Regional Buildings, Enclosed Common Areas of Multi-Residential Buildings of the Region and Public Transit of the Region

Fees and Charges

By-Law 23-009, A By-law to Establish Fees and Charges for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo and Repeal By-law 21-072, As Amended

Consolidation of By-law 23-009: The Office Consolidation Version for Reference Only of the Region’s Fees and Charges By-law 23-009, as amended by By-law 23-018. If there are any discrepancies between this consolidation and by-laws 23-009 and 23-018, the By-laws shall prevail.

Licence Fees and Charges
By-law 16-045, to establish licence fees and charges.
Outdoor Water Use

The Water Conservation By-law 07-069, as amended by By-law 10-020, is in effect every year from May 31 to September 30. 

By-law 07-069, Respecting the Conservation of Water 

Answers to questions you may have, including requesting a permit for sod and seed watering or nematode applications, can be found on our Conserving Water page.

Procedural By-law

By-law 22-051, to govern the proceedings of Council and its Committees.

Purchasing By-law
By-law 16-032, to provide for procurement of good and services and the disposal of surplus goods.
Retail Business Holidays Act

Retail Business Holidays Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. R.30

The Retail Business Holidays Act, says retail businesses in Ontario must be closed on the included holidays each year.

Establishments in the CI Core Zoning in St. Jacobs 

By-law 36-92, to permit retail business establishments in the CI Core Zoning in St. Jacobs to remain open on holidays as defined in the Retail Business Act.

St. Jacobs Farmers' Market and Flea Market and St. Jacobs Factory Outlet 

By-law 94-028, to permit the retail businesses in St. Jacobs as listed above to remain open on holidays as defined in the Retail Business Act.

Sewer Use

By-law 21-036, to govern and regulate the discharge of water and wastewater into the sanitary and storm systems in the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. 

This by-law took effect Jan. 1, 2022 and replaced the previous Sewer Use By-law 1-90 and its amendments. You can use this online form to apply for a permit under Sewer Use By-Law 21-036.


The sign by-law was amended by By-law 21-064, A By-law to Amend By-law 10-030 A By-law Respecting Signs on Regional Roads to prohibit the placing of election signs on Regional Roads. 

The sign by-law ensures our communities remain safe by preventing sign distraction and keeps our communities looking great. Please contact your local municipality for information regarding sign placement on local municipal roads. 

Traffic and Parking

The Region of Waterloo regulates parking, vehicle flow and speed limits on all Regional roads. By-law 16-023, outlines specific parking and moving violations within the Region. Enforcement of this by-law is the responsibility of the local municipalities and Waterloo Regional Police. For parking complaints please contact your local municipality. 

Waste Collection

The Region of Waterloo regulates all waste collection and landfill operations within the municipality. By-law 17-007 outlines requirements for proper waste collection including recyclables such as blue box and green bin. It also regulates the use of the Region's landfill. Sustainable waste collection and environmental protection keep the Region looking its best for future generations. 

Consolidation of By-law 17-007: The Office Consolidation Version for Reference Only of the Region’s Waste Collection By-law 17-007, as amended by By-law 23-015. If there are any discrepancies between this consolidation and by-laws 17-007 and 23-015, the By-laws shall prevail.

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