Public Health Strategic Plan

The Region of Waterloo’s Strategic Plan provides a framework to ensure our programs and services are addressing the most significant needs of the community. Our Strategic Plan guides priority setting for Regional Council and staff and provides direction on specific actions we hope to accomplish.

The main goal of Public Health and Paramedic Services is to build healthy and supportive communities in partnership with others. The scope of public health services is determined by the provincial Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through the Ontario Public Health Standards, which outline the requirements for providing public health programs and services and for the effective governance of boards of health and effective management of public health units.

Region of Waterloo Council serves as Waterloo Region’s Board of Health. As per the Ontario Public Health Standards, Boards of Health are required to have a strategic plan that establishes strategic priorities over 3 to 5 years. To ensure alignment, Public Health strategy is integrated into the Region’s Strategic Plan which can be found on our Corporate Strategic Plan page.

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