Regional Responsibilities - Who Does What in Government

The Region of Waterloo provides more than 60 per cent of municipal services in Waterloo Region. Our programs and services make a difference in the lives of our residents every day. From garbage collection and public transit to licensed child care, we build community in so many ways.

There are two levels of municipal government in Waterloo Region. The Region of Waterloo is a regional (or upper tier) level of government, while local levels of government include the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge, and the townships of Wilmot, Wellesley, Woolwich and North Dumfries.

Different governments are responsible for different services.

Region of Waterloo responsibilities (not shared)

Area municipalities (cities and townships)

  • Building inspections and permits
  • Cemetery management
  • Vital statistics (births, deaths, marriage)
  • Land severances
  • Local economic development
  • Parks and recreational programs

Shared responsibilities

Region of Waterloo:

Area municipalities:

  • Water distribution and billing (with the exception of North Dumfries and Wellesley Townships)
  • Wastewater collection and billing (with the exception of North Dumfries and Wellesley Townships)
  • Local streets (residential and collector)
  • Zoning by-laws and Neighbourhood Plans
  • City library system
  • Emergency response (fire protection)
  • Tax collection (for area and region)
  • Local licensing and by-law enforcement (e.g. parking, noise, property standards, etc.)

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