Equitable Services and Opportunities - Strategic Plan

Equitable Services and Opportunities

Equitable Services and Opportunities

Through collaboration and innovative design, we will provide equitable, accessible services across Waterloo Region that support the social determinants of health, safety and complete communities as we grow.

To advance this outcome, over the next four years we will:

  • Ensure services are inclusive, accessible, culturally safe and appropriate: The Region will work to ensure the services it delivers are safe, culturally appropriate, inclusive and empowering to communities.
  • Design equitable Regional services that meet local community needs: We will work to ensure people have access to the services they need when, where, and how they need them most.
  • Explore new models of service through community collaboration and partnerships: To best meet people's needs, we will work with community partners, community members, and across Regional departments to co-design safe, fiscally responsible and culturally appropriate service improvements and policies.

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