Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Growing with Care: Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Guiding our community into the future

The 2023-2027 Strategic Plan is designed to guide the Region of Waterloo as it grows to one million people in the coming decades. Our new Strategic Plan focuses on “Growing with Care,” supporting a long-term vision of a compassionate community that cares for all people, stewards the land for future generations and gives everyone the opportunity to live a good life.

Our plan prioritizes the Region’s work in four key areas to: address the housing and homelessness crisisgrow sustainably while adapting to a changing climate; make services and opportunities more equitable for all; and cultivate an organization that supports staff wellbeing and service to better support residents. 

You can learn more below about the priorities set out by the new 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

What is a Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Plan is a roadmap for the community we’re working to achieve, together.  It sets the Region of Waterloo's direction, tells us where to focus and guides us as we look to the future. This plan was approved by Regional Council and built collaboratively with input from thousands of community members.

Read more about the Strategic Plan: Growing with Care that was approved in the August 15th Council report

How do we implement this Plan?

The Region’s Plan and Budget is created each year and is based on our Strategic Plan: Growing with Care. It will shape the Region of Waterloo as we grow to one million people in the coming decades. This Plan is how we support what matters most to the community. The 2024 budget maintains the essential services residents rely on, while increasing investments to meet the needs of a rapidly growing community. It includes increased investments in housing, transit services, paramedic services, and more.

Read about the initiatives in our 2024 Annual Business Plan.

Explore our Strategic Plan

Read more about the community vision and priorities in this 2023-2027 Strategic Plan. You can flip through the summary booklet below or click here to view full screen. You can select on the of the four icons below to read more about that priority area.

Our Progress

From prolonging the life of our landfill to reimagining paramedic services and investing in children and youth, the Region of Waterloo is working to put our Strategic Plan into action and make life better for you. Visit our yearbook for 13 stories that show how we are Growing with Care, together.

Our Strategy: Based in Data and Trends

A blue population sign along a rural road in the Region of Waterloo.
Understand our Community
Explore the 2023 Community Profile, a snapshot of our populations, household characteristics, and more.
A downtown building under construction with a crane lit-up at night.
Data and Trends Behind the Strategy
Read the background report that helped create the key themes in our 2023-2027 Strategic Plan.

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