Rear-end collisions are the
leading cause of injury on our roads

Most dangerous rear-end collisions happen...

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  • Intersection icon

    at intersections

  • traffic signal icon

    with traffic signals

  • "Clock icon

    between 3 - 6 p.m.

All it takes is one split second

When you're following a vehicle...

step one

Take an extra second to slow down

step two

Make sure you have enough space to stop

step three

Give everyone a safe journey

Person holding the wheel of their vehicle

Ready to take charge?

Creating a safer roads takes all of us



I pledge to do the Extra Sec Check and give everyone a safe journey. We all share @RegionWaterloo roads. Let’s get there safely together. #SafeRoadsWR

Help build awareness and
put an end to rear-end
collisions on our roads.

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