Waste Management

The Region of Waterloo's Waste Management Division provides residential blue box, green bin, garbage, yard waste, and large item collection in all seven area municipalities - the cities of Cambridge, Kitchener, and Waterloo and the townships of North Dumfries, Wilmot, Wellesley, and Woolwich. The Waste Management Division also operates the Region's one landfill and several transfer stations. The Division is committed to excellent and responsive service while reducing the amount of waste going to landfill.  

We are here to help! If you cannot find the waste management information you are looking for on this or on our other web pages, please contact our office at 519-575-4400 or e-mail

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Curbside collection in cold weather continues:

When it's cold outside, crews are out doing their best to pick up your recyclables and garbage. Collection still happens, but it may take a bit longer as crews take more breaks to warm up!

Friendly snowman with blue box, green bin and small garbage bag

Curbside courtesies - How to keep it winter-friendly:

With the very cold temperatures and all of the snow, here are a few reminders from your collection crews and neighbours on curbside etiquette:

  • Be mindful of your neighbours' containers; if containers have been set out for collection, please don't blow/shovel snow on them.
  • If you're blowing snow at the curb and crews come along to collect containers, please take a break and let them do their job without having to deal with (more!) drifting snow.
  • If your containers get plowed in or buried by more falling snow, please dig them out. Keep them visible and accessible, otherwise your materials can't be collected.
  • Pay it forward...if your neighbours' containers are tipped over or buried, straighten things up so all the materials will be collected - or if there is a neighbour struggling to get items to the curb in the cold, help them out.

Do you have any other curbside etiquette tips? Please share them on Twitter @WasteWR or on Facebook Region of Waterloo Waste Management.

A warm thanks for all you do to make curbside collection as pleasant and efficient as possible in this winter wonderland.

That's a lot of mulch!

Over 284 metric tonnes of Christmas trees were collected this year. That's a 25 per cent increase over 2013. These trees will be chipped into mulch. Thanks to all those who treecycled! In the spring, we'll let you know when woodchips are available for pickup.

Waste Management Master Plan update

What are the options when our landfill is full? Read this for information on the research and consultation processes, and recommendation

2015 Township Waste Collection calendars

Image of township calendar covers

The 2015 Waste Collection calendars for Woolwich, North Dumfries, Wilmot and Wellesley Townships have been delivered.

If you have not received yours, please call 519-575-4400 to request one. 

*Accessible format is available upon date. 

Warm thanks and wintertime reminders

Our collection crews are out on the road doing the best they can in cold, snowy weather. Here are some reminders that help wintertime collection:

  • Place green bins, blue boxes, and garbage items to the curb by 7 a.m. on your collection day (not the night before). This helps keep items visible and containers easier to empty.
  • Shovel out a shelf in the snowbank for your containers at the end of your driveway. Make sure it's on the road-side, not the sidewalk-side.
  • If you use a liner bag in your green bin, please loosen it from the sides of the bin.
  • Please keep your items accessible from ground level, any ice salted, and snow cleared away.

We appreciate your help in making collection as safe and efficient as possible in these wintery conditions!

Update on the Waste Survey

The survey is now closed. If you would like to submit comments by email, please contact

Thank you to the thousands who completed the survey! The comments and data are being compiled.

Please see more information about the possible changes and frequently asked questions.

How to prepare for collection on a windy day

Our changeable fall weather can include windy conditions. Help prevent litter by following these Tips for a windy day. Thanks for keeping our community clean!

Paper or certified compostable?  If you are buying liner bags for your Green Bin program containers, you have choices

  1. Paper liner bags have long been accepted in the Green Bin program. Paper naturally composts and does not need any certification logos.
  2. Certified compostable plastic bags do need certification logos. Please look for one or both of these logos:        
Logos to look for when buying certified compostable bags
Compostablelogobw-box.jpg Certified Compostable US Logo

These logos mean that the bags have met composting standards. While the bags look similar to regular plastic bags, they are made from vegetable material.

Certified compostable plastic liner bags are the only plastics allowed in our Green Bin program. All other plastics, including sandwich bags, food wrapping, plastic plates and cutlery, and "degradeable" bags such as biodegradable or oxo-degradable, are not accepted.

For more information, please read frequently asked questions, this flyer on Lining your container - the Choice is Yours  about liner options and how to use certified compostable plastic bags, or call our customer service staff at 519-575-4400.

Waste Management 101 for landlords and students

Garbage set out to the curb that is excessive and improperly-prepared can cause litter, raise concerns with neighbours, and are by-law infractions. The Region of Waterloo is here to help. Check out these online resources.  

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Waterloo and Cambridge waste management sites are open
Monday to Saturday, 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for residential drop-off
except for statutory holidays