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"Don't Be a Dinosaur" Training Video
Don't be a Dinosaur Training Video

Since 2004, roundabouts have been an important part of our roadway landscape in Waterloo Region. These circular intersections improve road safety, manage increased traffic demand, and help improve air quality by eliminating unnecessary stops and idling.

A roundabout is an intersection at which all traffic circulates counter-clockwise around a centre island. Entering motorists yield to traffic (in any lane) already circulating in the roundabout.  Wait for a gap in traffic before entering the roundabout.  Yield to motorists in all lanes of the roundabout because motorists already in the roundabout can exit from any lane.

Common Yield Collision You Can Avoid

Some motorists think that drivers in a roundabout can only exit from the outer lane.  This is false because drivers can exit from ANY lane.  Understanding that drivers can exit from ANY lane can help you avoid the collision shown below:

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