Community CarShare

Community CarShare

CarSharing helps people access a car, without owning it. In the region, carsharing is available through Community CarShare, a local non-profit co-operative that provides its members access to vehicles on a self-serve, pay-per-use basis.

Reservations for CarShare vehicles can be made for as little as 30 minutes, or as long as needed, and gas and insurance costs are included in driving rates. CarSharing also helps support the use of greener transportation modes such as transit and cycling by granting indivuals access to a vehicle when they need it. 

How the Region participates in CarShare

The Region of Waterloo does its part by participating in the Corporate Membership program. Employees at the Region are able to use a CarShare vehicle for business purposes at the Corporate Membership rate. This reduces commuting costs for employees and supports them while they do their part to travel sustainably.

The Region has also partnered with Community CarShare to provide parking spaces at at a number of our sites with more locations planned.

For more information or to join, please visit, or call 1-855-742-7399