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Welcome to the Region of Waterloo's Open Data Portal

The Region of Waterloo is committed to accountability and transparency. Open data allows the public to access the Region's data more easily and encourages innovation in the community. The data can be used to:

  • solve unique problems
  • create mobile/web-based applications
  • promote community collaboration and greater citizen engagement

What is Open Data?

Open data is the free sharing of data to everyone to use and republish with few restrictions. The data is provided in machine-readable format. The Region will strive to provide data in multiple formats wherever possible. Check out the Region's open data catalogue.

Terms of Use

By downloading and/or using the data on this site, you are agreeing to the Open Data License.

We're Growing...Your Feedback is Important

As we grow, we will be continually improving the open data site and catalogue by providing additional features, accessibility tools and new datasets. We appreciate your patience and welcome your feedback and input. Please email us with your comments and suggestions at

If you've created an application using data from the Region's catalogue, we'd love to hear from you! Email us at

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