Heritage Bridge Recognition Program

The Region of Waterloo has unveiled plaques to commemorate our most significant historic bridges.

Bridges play an important role that goes beyond their obvious transportation function. The best of them become familiar and distinctive landmarks that contribute to a strong sense of place and help to tell the stories of our communities.

These bridges were selected to receive plaques following the results of Spanning the Generations: A Study of Old Bridges in Waterloo Region, an inventory and heritage evaluation of all types of bridges, carried out by the Region's Heritage Planning Advisory Committee (HPAC). The bridge plaques are linked in each section below.

For more information on other heritage bridges in Waterloo Region, please visit Heritage Sites, Properties and Districts.

 Black Bridge Road Bridge

Picture of Black Bridge Road Bridge

Black Bridge Road Bridge plaque 

Bridgeport Bridge 


Picture of the Bridgeport Bridge

Bridgeport Bridge plaque

Freeport Bridge


Picture of the Freeport Bridge

Freeport Bridge plaque

Hartman Bridge

Picture of the Hartman Bridge

Hartman Bridge plaque


Huron Road Bridge 

Picture of the Huron Bridge

Huron Road Bridge plaque


Main Street Bridge

Picture of the Main Street Bridge

Main Street Bridge plaque

Mill Creek Bridge

Picture of the Mill Creek Bridge

Mill Creek Bridge plaque


West Montrose Covered Bridge

Picture of the Westmontrose bridge

West Montrose Covered Bridge plaque

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