Groundwater is a hidden resource we depend on for our drinking water. Where you are standing right now, there could be groundwater underneath you. It might take some digging to get to it, but it's there. You can find groundwater in an aquifer, layers of sand, rock and gravel. Groundwater is the rain or melted snow that soaks into the ground and moves ever so slowly - about a few metres every year - through the spaces between sand grains, rock or gravel.

Groundwater is the water we drink

Waterloo Region relies on groundwater for drinking water. Everyday the Region of Waterloo collects about 100 million litres of groundwater using 100+ municipal wells. A well is a pipe put into the ground. Region of Waterloo municipal wells are typically 30 to 90 metres deep. A pump at the bottom of the well pushes the groundwater up to the surface. The groundwater is treated and tested before travelling through underground pipes to your home. 

Groundwater is worth protecting

Keeping groundwater clean and making sure there is enough to go around is a role everyone can play. 

What the Region of Waterloo is doing to protect groundwater

Through water protection programs, the Region of Waterloo is:

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