Red Light Cameras

The Region of Waterloo uses Red Light Cameras (RLC) as a tool to help reduce the number of vehicles running red lights. The camera will take photographs of vehicles that enter the intersection against a red signal.  Photographs are not taken when vehicles enter the intersection on a yellow light, or when the signal turns red while crossing the intersection.

The Region has installed red light cameras at these intersections:


  • Hespeler Road northbound at Lang's Drive/Sheldon Drive
  • Park Hill Road eastbound at Water Street
  • Franklin Boulevard southbound at Saginaw Parkway and Elgin St.
  • Duke Street northbound at Frederick Street
  • Homer Watson Boulevard southbound at Pioneer Drive
  • Ottawa Street eastbound at Sunrise Shopping Centre
  • Bridgeport Road westbound at Albert Street
  • Bridgeport Road westbound at Regina Street
  • Erb Street eastbound at Regina Street
  • King Street northbound at Bridgeport Road
  • University Avenue eastbound at Dale Crescent/Lincoln Road
  • Weber Street southbound at Bridgeport Road
  • Weber Street southbound at Erb Street
  • Weber Street northbound at Lincoln Road/Bridgeport Plaza
  • Weber Street northbound at Union Street

 The Region's RLC program has resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Reduced angle collisions caused by disobeying traffic control by 27 per cent
  • Reduced turning collisions caused by disobeying traffic control by 60 per cent
  • Increased rear-end collisions by 23 per cent
Questions and answers about red light cameras

What is a red light camera violation?
A violation is when a vehicle enters the intersection after the signal has turned red.
What if I am making a left turn and the light turns red when my vehicle is still in the intersection?
A photograph will not be taken when a vehicle enters the intersection on a green or yellow light.
I did not have time to stop.  How long is the yellow light?
The length of a yellow light is approximately four seconds but varies depending on the location.
Do the cameras photograph every vehicle passing through an intersection?
No, the camera only takes a photograph when a vehicle enters the intersection after the light turns red. 
Does someone review the photographs before motorists are ticketed?
Yes, there are trained officers who review every picture to confirm the vehicle information and to ensure that the vehicle was in violation. Tickets with the picture taken by the camera are then mailed to the vehicle owners only where it is clear that the vehicle ran the red light. 
Who receives the ticket for a red light camera violation?
Red light camera tickets are similar to parking tickets and they are issued to the registered licence plate holder; these tickets are not attached to a driver's licence.
Why did I get a ticket when I was only turning on a red light?
You still need to stop before turning right on a red light.
I went through an intersection and saw a light flash so I think I got a red light camera ticket, what should I do?
You need to wait to receive notification in the mail to see if you did commit an infraction.  You will receive a notice in approximately 30 days from the date of the incident; then you can exercise one of the options as explained on the ticket.

How much is the fine?

The fine is $325. Failure to pay will result in plate denial and/or collections. 
Are there demerit points for a red light camera ticket?
There are no demerit points for red light camera charges. A red light camera ticket is similar to a parking ticket in that it goes against your licence plate and not against your driver abstract. 

To pay a red light camera ticket, you can pay online or call 519-575-4400

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