The Region of Waterloo has a Standing and Advisory Committee structure to assist Regional Council with municipal matters. Standing Committees offer policy and operational recommendations to Council to aid in the decision-making process. The three main Standing Committees include all members of Council, with the Regional Chair as ex-officio member on all Committees. We also have many advisory committees that serve as forums for members of the public to provide their viewpoints on issues to Regional Council and staff. 

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Standing Committees

Waterloo Region has three main Standing Committees that are solely comprised of the Members of Regional of Council:

Administration and Finance Committee

The Administration and Finance (A&F) Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting on all matters of administrative and financial importance referred to it by Council and other areas within the organization, including:

  • Policies relating to borrowing and investments, risk management, financial reporting, purchasing, tax policy, grants and budgetary procedures
  • Policies relating to recruitment and staffing, employee relations and compensation, and training and development
  • Administrative and legal matters including facilities management, fleet maintenance, information technology services, corporate records and archives

Members: All members of Regional Council

Chair: Michael Harris

Vice Chair: Robert Deutschmann

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Community and Health Services Committee 

The Community and Health Services (C&HSS) Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting on all areas within the Public Health and Paramedic Services and Community Services departments referred to it by Council and other areas within the organization, including:

  • Central Resources, Child and Family Health, Health Protection and Investigation, Infectious Diseases, Dental and Sexual Health, Healthy Living, Planning and Promotion
  • Emergency Medical Services, Epidemiology and Health Analysis
  • Social Services, Social Planning, Policy and Program Administration
  • Community Support Services, Social Housing, Seniors' Services, Children's Services and Employment and Income Support
  • Schneider Haus, Doon Heritage Crossroads, Waterloo Region Museum and the McDougall Cottage

Members: All members of Regional Council

Chair: Jim Erb

Vice Chair: Pam Wolf

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Planning and Works Committee
The Planning and Works Committee (P&W) is responsible for reviewing and reporting on all matters relating to planning issues and public works operated by the Region and other functions related to the Region's facilities, including:
  • The Region of Waterloo International Airport
  • Roads, transit and traffic, rapid transit
  • Water supply, waste water treatment
  • Residential waste management, industrial waste management
  • Planning issues such as the Regional Official Plan, transportation planning, planning and development matters and recommends approval of municipal official plans

Members: All members of Regional Council

Chair: Colleen James

Vice Chair: Doug Craig

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

The other Standing Committees have only select Councillors as members.  These Committees are:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee monitors the effectiveness and efficiency of Regional programs by reviewing and directing the following:

  • Financial statement audit planning, including presentation from the external Auditor
  • Receipt of the annual Financial Statements and Management Letter
  • Approve the Internal Audit Plan
  • Review of individual Internal Audit reports
  • Review of Program Review reports
  • Monitor the progress of the performance of Tangible Capital Asset Accounting
  • Receive and initiate Special Audits


  • Chair and Vice Chair of the Administration and Finance Committee
  • Chair of the Planning and Works Committee
  • Chair of the Community Services Committee
  • Regional Chair

Chair: Michael Harris

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee 

The Budget Committee discusses budget issues and concerns and approves the Regional budget annually.

Members: All members of Regional Council

Chair: Michael Harris

Vice Chair: Robert Deutschmann

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Library Committee 

The Library Committee is composed of the four Township Mayors representing the rural municipalities of the Region, and reports to Regional Council which serves as the Library Board. The Committee is responsible for making recommendations to Council on:

  • Policy creation
  • Administrative organization
  • Delivery of library services to rural residents
  • Operational budgets for the 10 branch libraries

Chair: Natasha Salonen

Vice Chair: Sue Foxton

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Licensing and Hearings Committee 
The Licensing and Hearings (L&H) Committee is responsible for reviewing and reporting on all matters relating to consumer protection, public safety and nuisance control within the Region of Waterloo, including:
  • Region-wide licensing and inspections of taxis, limousines, second-hand shops, salvage yards and special transportation services
  • Recommending licensing approvals, revocations, suspensions and policy
  • Enforcing regulations under certain Provincial legislation and Regional by-laws, including Smoke Free Ontario Act, Retail Business Holidays Act, Highway Traffic Act (Red Light Camera) and Regional By-laws for Smoking, Landfill, Garbage Collection, Election Signs, Woodland Conservation, Outdoor Water Use and Pesticides

Chair: Sue Foxton

Vice Chair: Chantal Huinink

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Advisory Committees 

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

The Active Transportation Advisory Committee (ATAC) serves as a forum for the public to advise Regional Council and staff on cycling and pedestrian issues.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Tim Osland

Vice Chair: Ashley Cullen

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee

The Ecological and Environmental Advisory Committee (EEAC) advises staff on development applications and environmental assessments which potentially affect the Region's most significant natural features. It also advises on other environmental issues of interest to the Region.

Terms of Reference

Chair: TBD
Vice Chair: TBD

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee

The Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee (GRAAC) is a cross-disability municipal advisory committee. Guided by the Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2001, the committee provides advice to the local municipal Councils of the Cities of Kitchener and Waterloo, the Region of Waterloo and the Townships of Woolwich, Wellesley, Wilmot, and North Dumfries. The Committee provides vision and direction to promote and facilitate a seamless approach to effectively remove barriers across the community.

Please visit the GRAAC website for more information on this committee.

Terms of Reference

Co-Chairs: Tamara Cooper and Alyssa Clelland

Contact: Emily Moore, 226-753-2202


Recruitment and applications for the Grand River Accessibility Advisory Committee is done by the City of Kitchener

Heritage Planning Advisory Committee

The Heritage Planning Advisory Committee (HPAC) was established in 1994 to advise the Region on heritage policies, issues and strategies. The committee is responsible for:

  • Advising Waterloo Region's Commissioner of Planning, Development and Legislative Services on Regional heritage issues
  • Gathering information, such as identifying locally significant heritage resources and comments on development plans that affect these resources
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of Regional heritage policies and strategies
  • Helping to promote Regional heritage by increasing public awareness of local history
  • Collaborating with local post-secondary institutions and other heritage organizations

Current Initiatives:

  • Identifying Regionally significant heritage resources
  • Public Building Inventory
  • Heritage bridge recognition and promotion
  • Educational workshops and resources for heritage property owners
  • Cultural heritage landscape identification and conservation
  • Historic Countryside Tour publication
  • Intensification and stable neighbourhoods

All members must be residents of Waterloo Region. Appointed by Regional Council, they are chosen for their interest and experience with natural and built heritage.

Municipal Heritage Advisory Committees in Waterloo Region:

Terms of Reference

Chair: TBD

Vice Chair: TBD

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office, 519-575-4400

Public Art Advisory Committee

The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) reports to the Community and Health Services Committee and administers Public Art Policy. This includes the procedure for selecting, acquiring, disposing, placing, maintaining and cataloguing public art using funds available from the Public Art Reserve Fund.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Michelle Purchase

Vice Chair: Rob Gorbet

Contact: Regional Clerk's Office:, 519-575-4400

Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC) 

The City of Guelph and the area municipalities from the Region of Waterloo are working together to establish a joint Municipal Elections Compliance Audit Committee (MECAC). For more information on what MECAC does and to apply, please visit the Compliance Audit Committee page.

Questions regarding the Committee or the application process may be directed to

Conduct of Members of Local Boards, Foundations or Advisory Committees

The purpose of the Code of Conduct for Citizen Appointments to Local Boards, Foundations or Advisory Committees, is to provide a general standard for all citizen appointed members to ensure they are acting in a manner that is appropriate with regard to the body that they have been appointed to.  

 A complaint about a Member of a Local Board/Foundation/Advisory Committee must be submitted to the Regional Clerk for their consideration.  The Clerk shall determine if a complaint should be sent to the Integrity Commissioner for their review.


Please see the Advisory Committee/Special Purpose Body Applications page for updates on current openings.

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