Homes For All - Strategic Plan

Home For All: Strategic Plan 2023-2027

Homes For All

We will invest in affordable homes and economic opportunity for all that are part of inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities.

To advance this outcome, over the next four years we will:

  • Move quickly to create affordable, accessible, and equitable housing: We will increase equitable access to affordable homes that costs less than 30% of household income across the region. We will also work to ensure these homes reflect the present and future needs of residents, with a variety of options across the region.
  • Eliminate chronic homelessness and reliance on traditional emergency shelter models: We will work in collaboration with area municipalities, community partners, and other levels of government to reduce, then eliminate chronic homelessness by advancing new long-term housing solutions that enable people to have safe, permanent homes.
  • Invest in upstream solutions to reduce housing and economic precarity: To adequately address the complexity of the housing crisis for current and future generations, we will extend our focus beyond the traditional domain of housing solutions, and focus on preventative interventions and continue to deliver wrap-around supports.
  • Unlock Region-owned land that supports community growth: We will make land available across the region appropriate for affordable housing, shovel-ready employment lands and other supportive infrastructure designed for families and future needs.

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