Student Jobs and Placements

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Students are an important part of the workforce at the Region of Waterloo. To be considered for employment, a student must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Registered as a full-time secondary or post-secondary student at an accredited academic institution
  • Returning to full-time studies in the next academic term
  • Participating in education and retraining programs at the post-secondary level.  Students in this category, although not full-time students, are eligible for student employment opportunities related to their studies
  • Students in their final year of academic study who still need to complete a work placement as a requirement for graduation

Note: students in their final year of academic study who do not intend to return to full-time studies are eligible for student employment until the time they graduate.

Any candidate for student positions requiring operation of vehicles must hold a minimum G2-class licence and must have at least three years of driving experience (G1+G2). 

For student coordinator jobs with Facilities and Fleet Management, see the Co-op Student Information Brochure for more information.

For student placements in Public Health and Emergency Services, see our Student Placements at Public Health page.

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