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Water that goes down the drain from your home and enters the municipal sanitary sewer system carries organics, including materials flushed down the toilet, soaps, detergents and food. Biosolids are the solid organics treated during the wastewater treatment process.

Currently, biosolids are applied to agricultural land as fertilizer or used to restore mining sites. When this is not possible due to weather, it is taken to the landfill for disposal.

What biosolids are and why everyone needs to be involved in decision process

What happens after you flush the toilet

Biosolids story

Summary and final report for Biosolids Strategy
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The Be Good To Your Water program also provides resources specific to biosolids.

We need a sustainable solution - and this is how

The Region of Waterloo is engaged in a multi-year process to develop a Biosolids Strategy. We are taking a critical look at today's practices, considering available technologies and developing a long-term approach to sustainably managing biosolids.

In June 2015, Regional Council voted to update the previous Biosolids Master Plan by developing a Biosolids Strategy. It is expected to be done in 2018. The Biosolids Strategy will help update the Biosolids Master Plan prepared in 2011.

The Biosolids Strategy Charter provides information on biosolids and the Biosolids Strategy approach.

Help determine what we do with biosolids
Everyone creates biosolids, so it just makes sense everyone help determine what we do with them. The best strategies take the whole community's interests to heart. Public participation is a key part of the strategy. Stay informed by subscribing to the Biosolids Strategy email list.
Past events and information
The Region of Waterloo is nearing the end of its multi-year process to develop a new Biosolids Strategy. The consultation process, which began in 2013, offered several opportunities for stakeholder and community learning and input.
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