Young Adults and Smoking Cessation

Be a Quitter

The list of health risks from smoking is long, but the benefits of quitting are immediate. Here are some programs and resources available to support you in quitting or cutting down smoking or other forms of tobacco use. 

Remember, quitting isn’t one big challenge. It’s a series of small ones. Take it one minute, hour or day at a time. Start the process now and be a quitter. 

Free nicotine replacement therapy
  • STOP on the Net: By self-registering here, eligible smokers can participate in an online smoking cessation program and receive free nicotine replacement therapy while quantities last.
Online quit programs
  • Smoker's Helpline's Online Quit Program: Registering will give you access to a personal quit plan, quit calculator, support community and tools to help you track your progress.
  • STOP on the Net: Registrants will receive free nicotine replacement therapy while quantities last.
Quitting by phone
  • Call a Care Coach: Call 1-866-797-0000 to speak to a Care Coach and get one-on-one help to create a quit plan that works for you.
  • Text messaging: Receive on the go support with text messages customized to your quit date. Text iQuit to 123456 to register. Text messaging rates from your provider may apply.
  • Break It Off mobile app: Download this free app to track your progress, monitor slip ups and watch your wallet. 
Tools to help you quit
  • Quit planner: Create your very own personalized and downloadable quit plan. Quit the way that works for you.
  • Free books: Whether you want to quit, want to help somebody quit, or just want more information - these free books can help.
  • Cost calculator: Use this tool to see how much you're spending on cigarettes.

Getting over addiction is hard and slip-ups happen. Quitting takes planning and practice. For many smokers it may take 30 or more quit attempts before being successful. 

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