Connecting with Qualified Workers

If you are an employer with a job opening, the Region's Employment Ontario staff will work with you to find the right person. Our services are free. Our staff meet with you to understand your hiring needs and help you find suitable job candidates.

We can provide:

  • Access to a robust toolkit of digital resources and a network of employment service organizations
  • User-friendly digital tools enable you to effortlessly post job vacancies, reaching thousands of candidates 
  • Access to powerful AI matching tool to search through our extensive resume database
  • Tailored support from career specialists
  • Support for diversity and inclusion
  • Access to job seeker placement incentives and support
  • Canada Ontario Job Grant application guidance
  • 12 months of post-employment coaching and upskilling support for your chosen candidates

Call 519-883-2101 ext. 5656 or email us at if you plan on hiring soon!

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