Sunnyside Home Long-Term Care

An outbreak of an acute respiratory infection (ARI) has been declared for the Three Bridges home area at Sunnyside Home. Residents who develop respiratory symptoms will be isolated and tested. Please see below for details.

If you have questions about visiting Sunnyside Home or special requests, please call 519-893-8494 extension 6868. Please subscribe to our webpage to stay informed.

An outbreak of an acute respiratory infection (ARI) has been declared for the Three Bridges home area at Sunnyside Home. Residents who develop respiratory symptoms will be isolated and tested.

The following outbreak measures are in place for the Three Bridges home area:

  • Visitors must wear a mask when entering Three Bridges, but they may remove their mask when inside a resident’s room as long as the resident is not in isolation. Masks are provided at the entrance to Three Bridges.
  • All staff on Three Bridges are required to be wearing masks while on the home area.
  • Visitors may continue to visit one at a time in the resident’s room.
  • Three Bridges residents are asked to stay on the home area. If a resident needs to leave for any reason, they should wear a mask if it can be tolerated
  • If visiting with a resident in isolation, you must wear a mask, gown, gloves, and eye protection
  • Small group programs will continue on the outbreak home area
  • Staff who work on the outbreak home areas are being co-horted to work only on that area

Walk and Roll

In regards to the Sunnyside Foundation’s Walk and Roll event, there will be a plan in place to safely accommodate those residents who are interested in attending.

If you are visiting Sunnyside Home, please monitor yourself for symptoms and do not visit if you are feeling unwell. If the person you are visiting is experiencing symptoms, please report them to registered staff immediately.

Our infection control team will work with Public Health to work towards ending this outbreak as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates to the outbreak and measures in place to support it. If you have questions about this information, please email, call 519-893-8494 extension 6868 or speak to the team leader.

Pandemic Response and Visiting Information 

We would like to remind visitors to monitor themselves for symptoms and not to visit if feeling unwell or cannot answer no to all questions on the COVID-19 screening tool. All preventative measures continue throughout the home and we will continue to provide updates if new information becomes available.

If you have questions about this information, please send us an email or call the Sunnyside hotline at 519- 893-8494 extension 6868.


Outbreak Protocols

Sunnyside Home has a COVID outbreak plan to reduce the risk of spread. When a resident or staff case of COVID-19 is identified, Sunnyside works closely with Waterloo Region Public Health to identify who that individual has been in contact with before their symptoms started or the individual tested positive. Residents and staff who are determined to be at higher risk are contacted and monitored for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. All staff and affected residents may be required to isolate at the direction of Public Health to prevent further spread of illness at Sunnyside or in the community.

Preventative measures remain in place to ensure the well being and safety of the people who live at Sunnyside and the staff who support them.

Screening and Surveillance Testing

All caregivers, support workers, volunteers and visitors must participate in passive screening. Screening questions will be posted at the main entrance. Please review and do not visit if you can not honestly answer no to all questions.

If your answer to any of the screening questions is "yes", please contact the Registered Nurse in charge at extension 6355 for the Kenneth Building or 6373 for the Franklin Building to discuss what steps you need to take to visit safely.

Visiting and connecting with residents at Sunnyside Home

We recognize that being able to connect with friends and family is essential to the emotional health and well-being of the residents of Sunnyside. 

Our team has developed a plan based on direction of the Ministries of Health and Long Term Care as well as Public Health to support opportunities to connect residents with family, friends and the community in a safe and meaningful way. Please review our Public Policy for Visiting.

As a visitor to Sunnyside Home, please do your part to protect residents from COVID-19 and other infections. Monitor yourself for symptoms, do not visit and get tested if you are feeling unwell. Please carefully review the information below before your visit to Sunnyside Home.

If you have any questions about this information, please call the Sunnyside COVID hotline at 519-893-8494 extension 6868.


Caregivers provide direct care and support to the resident, which may include assisting with meals, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation and emotional support. Each resident and/or their substitute decision maker (SDM) may designate caregivers to provide this support. These visits are unscheduled.

The following protocols must be adhered to for designated caregivers:

  • All caregivers must pass screening before they enter Sunnyside Home. Please review the screening questions
  • If visiting a resident who is symptomatic or in isolation, the caregiver will wear personal protective equipment as directed by Public Health
  • Caregivers must complete a visitor sign in sheet at the main entrance before each visit
  • Caregivers are asked to practice hand hygiene upon entering the building, before exiting and frequently during the visit. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the building
  • Caregivers must be 18 years or older
  • Caregivers must review Sunnyside Homes Visitor Policy and complete mandatory infection prevention and control training prior to visiting the Home

For more information, please contact a Team Leader, call the Sunnyside Hotline at 519-893-8494 extension 6868 or e-mail

Outdoor visits

Outdoor visitors are required to pass screening. Please do not visit outdoors if you are feeling unwell or experiencing any signs or symptoms of respiratory illness or COVID-19

These visits do not need to be scheduled.

General Visitors

A general visitor visits for social purposes and is not a designated caregiver.

General visitors may visit residents provided the resident is not in isolation and the home area is not in outbreak. General visitors must enter through the main entrance, pass screening and complete a visitor sign in form.

Essential visitors 

Essential visitors provide support a resident who is critically ill or nearing end of life or are contractors who provide critical care and services.

Family members with a loved one who is at the end of their life, is very ill or is in an emergency situation will be considered essential. If you have questions about whether this may apply to you, please contact your Team Leader.

The following protocols must be adhered to for essential visitors:

  • Essential visitors must pass screening. If visiting a resident who is symptomatic or in isolation, they will wear full personal protective equipment as directed by Public Health
 Day or Overnight Absences

Please contact the Team Leader or Registered Nurse at least 48 hours in advance to arrange for an absence.

The following requirements must be adhered to for day absences:

  • Please inform the team leader or Registered Nurse as soon as possible if a resident was in contact with someone who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 while they were away from the home
  • Staff will continue to monitor all residents daily to detect the presence of infection, including COVID-19
  • Visitors accompanying a resident on a short absence must follow the screening requirements
  • Staff will review public health recommendations with the resident and the person accompanying them prior to going out

If the home area is in outbreak or if the resident is in self-isolation, absences may be postponed at the direction of Public Health until such time that the outbreak is over, or the resident is out of self-isolation.

Other ways to connect 

We understand that you may want to connect with your loved one at Sunnyside and we hope that you will. In addition to the visits listed above, we would like to offer some support to keep you connected in other ways:

  • If you are unable to visit in person, we invite you to connect by Skype, FaceTime or Zoom. Call the Sunnyside Hotline at 519-893-8494 extension 6868 to arrange a video call
  • Send a letter by email to someone who lives at Sunnyside Home, we will be happy to share it with them. You can also send by mail to our address at 247 Franklin Street North, Kitchener ON. We encourage you to send photos and pictures along with your letters
Isolation and testing
  • Residents or staff who develop symptoms of a respiratory illness while in the home will immediately be isolated and tested for COVID-19
  • If a resident tests positive for COVID-19, they will be isolated from other residents
  • For staff who test positive for COVID-19, contact is traced back to prevent spread, and they will consult with the infection control team to determine a safe return to work
New residents to Sunnyside Home

When you become a member of the Sunnyside community, we will do our very best to introduce ourselves, make you comfortable and get to know you. We look forward to continuing your care, introducing you to new neighbours, and providing you with opportunities to socialize safely where possible.

Ensuring the health and safety of everyone who lives at Sunnyside requires that we take preventative measures for new residents arriving at Sunnyside Home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Residents who are admitted to Sunnyside Home or returning from another healthcare facility will not be tested or isolated for COVID-19 unless they are experiencing symptoms or moving from another long-term care home or healthcare facility in outbreak
  • New residents experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or who have tested positive will be isolated according to Public Health Guidelines
Additional safety precautions
  • Staff will continue to wear personal protective equipment as directed by the Ministry of Health appropriate to their role, duties, and contact with others. 
  • Sunnyside will continue to maintain a sufficient supply of this equipment
  • Staff and residents continue to practice stringent hand hygiene
  • Our team works closely with Waterloo Region Public Health to ensure the highest standards of infection prevention and control and maintains an onsite infection prevention and control specialist
Service changes in Sunnyside Home, Sunnyside Wellness Centre, and Dementia Services

Sunnyside Home Hair Salon

Reflections Beauty and Barber Shop is open with enhanced safety measures in place. To inquire about pricing or book an appointment, please leave a message 519-893-8394 extension 6329 and the team will return your call. 

Volunteer Services

Volunteers are active members of the Sunnyside Community. Volunteers are required to follow all infection control procedures.

Care Conferences

Care conferences are scheduled by the Team Leader of Registered nurse. Care conferences can be scheduled virtually or in person. Visitors attending care conferences must comply with all visitor guidelines, screening and infection control procedures. 

Attending Physicians/Nurse Practitioners

Physicians and Nurse Practitioners provide support to the Home while following all infection prevention and control guidelines.

Fabulous Finds Gift Shop

The Fabulous Finds Gift Shop is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11:30am to 3:30pm.

Sunnyside Wellness Centre

The Sunnyside Wellness Centre is open for physiotherapy, massage therapy and foot care services by appointment. To book an appointment, please call 519-894-0805.

Community Alzheimer Programs

The Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge Day Programs are open. 

Young Onset Dementia Association

The Young Onset Dementia Association is open.

More information on COVID-19

For more information, please visit these trusted sources:

COVID-19: Guidance for the Health Sector

Latest local information on the Novel Coronavirus

Public Health: How to stop the spread of germs (PDF poster)

Public Health Ontario resources (resources available in multiple languages)

How to self monitor (PDF)

How to self-isolate (PDF)




Effective immediately, the Ministry of Long-Term Care is ending the enhanced masking measures. This means that wearing a surgical mask within Sunnyside Home is no longer a requirement. Staff, caregivers, visitors, volunteers and support workers will have the choice to wear a mask (or not) inside Sunnyside Home except when requested by a resident in their room, during an outbreak, or when guided to do so by the IPAC team. Although wearing a surgical mask inside the building is no longer required, it is still strongly recommended for all Sunnyside Home Long-Term Care staff and visitors when inside the building. If you have any questions, please call the Sunnyside hotline at 519-893-8494 extension 6868

Sunnyside Home

When you are no longer able to live at home, Sunnyside Home offers a warm, friendly atmosphere, modern amenities and quality care. Making sure you have the best quality of life is important to us. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you feel at home.

Sunnyside Home is a long-term care home owned by the Region of Waterloo in the Stanley Park area of Kitchener. Our 263 residents are part of a vibrant community in a park-like setting on a campus of services for older adults. Our grounds have gardens, walkways and courtyards to enjoy. There are also many opportunities to get involved so you can continue doing things that make you happy or try something new.

This video will give you a glimpse into what life is like at Sunnyside.

Vision, Mission and Values

Sunnyside Home is part of Seniors' Services, a division of the Region of Waterloo.

We are a caring community where every person can live their best life.

We serve with the highest quality of care and service.

We engage to create an inclusive, thriving and welcoming community.

We inspire people to live hopeful, happy and healthy lives.

Seniors' Services is guided by the values of the Region of Waterloo.

We are committed to:

  • Service - We provide excellent public service and strive to understand and meet the needs of all those we serve.
  • Integrity - We practice high standards of ethical behaviour and conduct ourselves with an openness and transparency that inspires trust.
  • Respect - We create an environment where people are included, valued and treated with dignity.
  • Innovation - We foster an environment of leadership, excellence and creativity.
  • Collaboration - We build internal and external relationships to achieve common goals and resolve differences.

How to Apply

To apply for Sunnyside Home, visit the Home and Community Care Support Services website or call  519-748-2222.

Home and Community Care Support Services can help you determine if you need long term care, or if you are able to stay in the community with care and support in your home. If it becomes too difficult for you to live on your own, they can offer long-term care options.

Rates, services, and amenities

Sunnyside Home offers many services and amenities that make you feel safe and comfortable while living here.

Room types and rates
  • Private rooms are occupied by one resident with a private washroom.
  • Basic rooms are occupied by two residents with a shared washroom.

View rates (set by the province of Ontario). 

For more information on rates, eligibility, and to apply for Sunnyside Home, visit the Home and Community Care Support Services website or call 519-748-2222.

Home and Community Care Support Services can help you determine if you need long term care, or if you are able to stay in the community with care and support in your home. If it becomes too difficult for you to live on your own, they can offer long-term care options.

Services included
  • Nursing and personal care
  • Medical services
  • Recreation programming 
  • Physio and occupational therapy
  • Dietetics and food services (view sample menu
  • Laundry
  • Support from registered Social Workers
  • Spiritual and religious care
  • Housekeeping
  • Banking and administrative services
Services at an additional cost
  • Haircuts and styling
  • Phone, cable TV and internet
  • Foot care
  • Registered massage therapy
  • Community outings
  • Transportation to appointments
The Butterfly Approach

Sunnyside Home is the first home in Waterloo Region certified in The Butterfly Approach®, an innovative model of person-centred, emotion-focused dementia care.

Sunnyside Home has achieved a Level 1, "Outstanding" accreditation from Meaningful Care Matters, an organization based out of the United Kingdom whose mission is to create meaningful care cultures where people are ‘free to be me’. 

Two home areas at Sunnyside Home that provide care for people living with dementia have achieved Butterfly accreditation. 


 What is The Butterfly Approach

The Butterfly Approach is about making long-term care feel more like home. Schedules and tasks are replaced with flexibility and engagement. Staff don’t wear uniforms. The people working in the home share meaningful moments with the people living there every day and feel like family. 

Other homes that have become certified in this approach have reported better health, social and emotional outcomes for residents.

 What does a Butterfly home look and feel like?

A Butterfly home is full of colour and life! It reflects the unique interests, history and personality of the people living and working within the home. Objects and items are always in reach to engage people in activities that give them meaning and purpose.

Butterfly homes have a kitchen with access to food and drinks throughout the day and comfortable spaces where people can spend time together.

 What does certification involve?

Certification in the Butterfly Approach involves:

  • Moving away from task based, clinical model of care to a more flexible and relaxed approach.
  • Providing staff with training and tools that enable them to make emotional connections with the people living in the home as well as an understanding of the complex needs of people living with dementia.
  • Enhancing the environment to make it feel more like home full of colour, texture and the stuff of life to spark discussion and change a moment.
  • Creating unique households and spaces to support the unique needs of individuals at different stages of the dementia journey.
 How can I learn more about The Butterfly Approach

To learn about our Butterfly journey at Sunnyside Home, please contact:


Vera Savic, Person-centred and Emotion-focused Care Lead, 519-893-8494 extension 6368

How can I support The Butterfly Approach?

Sunnyside Home's certification in The Butterfly Approach along with a number enhancements to the physical environment have been generously funded by the Sunnyside Foundation, a registered charity that raises funds to enhance the lives of older adults in Waterloo Region.

To learn more about The Sunnyside Foundation or to make a donation in support of The Butterfly Approach, please visit




Take a virtual tour of Sunnyside Home.

Come in to Sunnyside Home! Call 519-893-8494, ext. 6360 to schedule a tour.

Get involved

There are many ways to get involved in the Sunnyside community, for residents and others who would like to lend a hand to older adults. Click below to learn more about each opportunity.

Donate to the Sunnyside Foundation

The Sunnyside Foundation raises money to enhance the well-being and quality of life for people served by Sunnyside Seniors' Services.

The Foundation has raised over $2.5 million since 1998 in support of projects and programs.

Join the Joint Resident, Family and Volunteer Advisory Committee
This committee gives counsel and advice to Sunnyside staff on planning activities and the operation of the home. It is made up of five residents, three family members and two volunteers. 
Attend Residents' Council meetings

The Residents' Council provides an opportunity for residents to be involved and contribute to the decisions which impact their lives.

Residents' Council at Sunnyside Home meets monthly on every floor. All residents are welcome to attend and to share feedback and suggestions.

Attend Family Council meetings

Family members and friends of residents of Sunnyside meet monthly to support each other and to receive updates from the home's leadership team.

The family council hosts annual education sessions on topics of interest to its members.


Useful Links


RAVE: A Great Way to Show Your Appreciation for Sunnyside Staff


What is RAVE?

RAVE is an employee recognition tool that is used throughout the Region of Waterloo. Sending a Sunnyside staff member a RAVE card is great way to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work!

How can I send a RAVE card?

If you would like to send a card online, please complete this form. We will make sure that your message gets to the appropriate staff member.


If you would like to send a card in person, please visit the RAVE station onsite at Sunnyside Home.  After you write your card, you can put it into the mailbox at the RAVE station or into any of the Resident Suggestion Boxes. On the envelope, please make sure to write the staff member's name, their role, the home area they work on, and any other helpful information so we can make sure it gets to the right person. You can also give the staff member the card directly.

When should I send a RAVE card?

Whenever you feel like a Sunnyside staff member has gone above and beyond, please consider sending them a RAVE card to let them know how much you appreciate their actions.

For more information about the RAVE program, please contact Jeff Burton by email at, by phone at extension 6377, or in person by visiting the Sunnyside Foundation office.


Leadership Team Contacts

Address: 247 Franklin Street North, Kitchener, ON N2A 1Y5

General Email:

General Phone: 519-893-8482

Director, Seniors' Services: Julie Wheeler, 519-893-8494, ext 6310, email:

Administrator, Long-Term Care: Angela Steadman, 519-893-8494, ext 6055, email:

Manager, Resident Care (Director of Nursing and Personal Care): Marie Belanger, 519-893-8494, ext 6312, email:

Coordinator, Infection Prevention and Control: Noel Belcourt, 519-893-8494, ext 6304, email: 

Policies, Plans, and Other Information

 Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan (2023/2024)

The Quality Improvement Report identifies some of the things that Sunnyside will work towards in the coming year (2023/2024). The intent of the report is to promote continuous quality improvement across all long-term care homes in Ontario. Read the Continuous Quality Improvement Plan.

 2022 Resident and Family/Caregiver Satisfaction Survey
We are pleased to share the results of the 2022 Family and Resident Satisfaction Survey, along with our Action Plan reflective of the survey results.The 2022 Family Satisfaction Survey was conducted in September 2022 and the Resident Satisfaction survey was conducted in November 2022. The survey results will be shared in the March Community Newsletter.  Resident Survey Results:
  • 96% would recommend Sunnyside Home to someone who needs care
  • 97% say that people that work at Sunnyside Home listen to them
  • 88% say that they get help when they need it in a timely way
  • 86% say that they like the food at Sunnyside Home
Family Survey Results:
  • 97% feel that the staff allows them to provide help or care to their resident
  • 94% feel that Sunnyside Home doesn't smell
  • 94% feel that the residents are safe
  • 93% appreciate the staff's attitude towards each resident
  • 92% feel that they are not being counted on to provide more help than they want to provide
  • 92% feel that staff respect their resident's privacy
  • 91% deem the quality of care as very good or excellent
  • 91% feel that the dignity of their resident is being respected
  • 91% feel that Sunnyside Home is a nice place to visit
  • 90% feel that Sunnyside Home is very clean
  • 89% feel that they are communicated with about their resident's health status in a very good or excellent way
  • 89% feel that their resident is free to choose to receive or refuse care
  • 89% feel that they are welcome when they visit
  • 88% feel that their questions are answered
  • 87% feel like their resident's room is comfortable
  • 86% feel that staff do what they say they will do
  • 86% feel confident in the care their resident receives
  • 86% feel like staff really know their resident
  • 85% feel that management is responding to their concerns
  • 82% feel that staff go the extra mile to resolve problems
  • 81% feel that the personal care and attention given to their resident is very good or excellent
  • 78% feel that they are able to see nurses when needed
  • 73% feel that the atmosphere at meal times is very good or excellent
  • 72% feel that the quality of food that is served is very good or excellent
  • 71% feel that the menu choice of food available to the resident is very good or excellent
  • 71% feel that the same staff is assigned consistently
  • 69% feel that staff are offering activities that are interesting to their resident
  • 64% feel that they are able to see physicians when needed

Action Plan:

  1. Review and update quality dining program guidelines to improve the mealtime experience.

  2. Review opportunities to support improved staff consistency.

  3. Improve accessibility of the activity calendars. 

  4. Make it easier for family members and residents to find contact information for key people: include contact information in the Community newsletter on a quarterly basis (e.g., who should people contact if an item goes missing?). 

  5. Share the survey results and recommendations at the February 2023 Resident Leadership Team meeting and ask for feedback. 

  6. Share the survey results and recommendations at a Family Town Hall meeting in March 2023 and ask for feedback. 

If you have any questions about the annual satisfaction surveys, survey results or the action plan, please contact Kelly Buxton, Social Planning Associate at 519-893-8494 extension 6388.  

 Making a Complaint

Complaints Policy Statement

Sunnyside Seniors' Services adheres to the highest standards of professional and personal conduct. There may however, from time to time, be concerns or complaints regarding our service from residents, their care partners, service providers, or the community.

Receiving feedback from those we serve is an integral component of our quality improvement process and supports us in identifying areas where we need to change our policies and practices. 

Sunnyside Seniors' Services is committed to ensuring that any complaint we receive is handled in a way that is timely, fair, and respectful.

Making a Complaint

If you have feedback on the services you received or a concern related to any area of the Home, we encourage you to speak with a member of our team so that we can address your concerns promptly.

  1. You are welcome to speak with any member of our direct care staff as they be able to quickly resolve your concern. If additional steps are needed to resolve your concern, the staff member will explain what the next steps are and may ask you to speak with the Registered Nurse.
  2. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we encourage you to speak with the Manager for the appropriate Home Area. You can contact the manager by calling 519-893-8482 and asking to speak with the Manager assigned to your Home Area.
  3. If you still have an unresolved concern, you are welcome to contact: Marie Belanger, Manager, Resident Care (Director of Personal and Nursing Care) at 519-893-8494 ext 6312.
  4. If your concern was not addressed to your satisfaction, please contact Angela Steadman, Administrator Long-Term Care at 519-893-8494 ext 6055.
  5. If after following the above steps your concern has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please contact Julie Wheeler, Director Seniors' Services at 519-893-8494 ext 6310.
  6. Issues, concerns or complaints not addressed to your satisfaction can also be directed to the Ministry of Long-Term Care by calling: Long-Term Care Family Support and Action Line at 1-866-434-0144 or in writing to Director, Long-Term Care Inspections Branch, 119 King Street West, 11th Floor, Hamilton, ON L8P 4Y7.
  7. If you have already contacted the Home directly and the Long-Term Care Family Support and Action Line and you were not able to reach a satisfactory resolution, you may also contact the Patient Ombudsman by calling 1-888-321-0339.

All formal concerns and complaints received in writing will be documented, including a list of the issues, date expressed, follow-up actions taken, final resolution of the concern and the date that feedback was provided to the complainant. We will respond in 10 business days to all written complaints and the Ministry of Long-Term Care will receive a copy, including a description of the follow-up action.

 Emergency Plans

Sunnyside is committed to the safety of everyone in our community and will take precautions to provide a safe environment. Find out more about our Emergency Plans and Supporting Documents.

 Visitor Policy

We recognize that being able to connect with friends and family is essential to the emotional health and well-being of the residents of Sunnyside.

Our team has developed a plan based on direction of the Ministries of Health and Long Term Care, as well as Public Health to support communities to connect residents with family, friends and the community in a safe and meaningful way. Please review our Public Policy for Visiting.

As a visitor to Sunnyside Home, please do your part to protect residents from COVID-19. Visitors to Sunnyside Home must be fully vaccinated if they are over the age of five and follow all public health measures. Monitor yourself for symptoms, and do not visit and get tested if you are feeling unwell.

If you have any questions about this information, please call the Sunnyside hotline at 519-893-8494, ext 6868.

Protecting your privacy: We respect your right to confidential care. Please see our Information Practices Statement for details.


Contact Us