The Talk

Talking to your child about healthy relationships and sexual development is important. These conversations build trust between you and your child, helps your child with decision making, and supports their safety and well-being.

Talk to your child about more than just "the facts". Share your feelings, values, attitudes, and beliefs. Explain why you feel the way you do to your child. Teach your child that sexual health is a natural, real, and everyday part of life. Keep the subject of sexual health open with your child.

Whatever your child's age, gender, ability, sexual orientation, faith, or culture "The Talk" from Tots to Teens is for you.

When to have "The Talk"?

It is never too soon or too late to find teachable moments and share your values and beliefs.

Don't worry about what you may have missed in the past and don't worry about covering everything all at once. Look for teachable moments to talk to your child and answer their questions.

Be honest and share information with lots of love. This will open the door for other important conversations later on in life.

As a parent you can:

  • Answer questions honestly, using words your child understands
  • Provide correct information
  • Start conversations, some children might not ask you
  • Share your beliefs, concerns, and values
  • Help your child make good decisions

Four Point Plan

The four point plan is designed to help you respond to questions your child may ask.

When talking to your child keep in mind:

  • Facts: your child deserves factual answers. Don't let your emotions impact your response
  • Values: share your values about sexuality with your child
  • Responsibility: let your child know what you expect of them and what their responsibilities are
  • Self-esteem: answer your child's questions in a way that will make them feel good about themselves

Call the Sexual Health program at 519-883-2314 option #1 to speak to a public health nurse if you have questions.

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