Chemical handling and storage

Your property is near a municipal drinking water well

Activities associated with industrial and commercial processes can be major water quality concerns for our community. This property is near a municipal well where prescribed activities could negatively impact drinking water.

Your property needs to be assessed to understand if any industrial or commercial activities may be subject to Source Protection Plan Policies under the Grand River Source Protection Plan, 2022 and the Clean Water Act, 2006.

Fill out this form to find out if your property may be subject to Source Protection Policies.

The Clean Water Act describes activities that must be managed to protect sources of drinking water. This may include salt application or the storage, handling and storage of fuels, organic solvents and/or DNAPLs (dense, non-aqueous phase liquids) like metal degreasers.

What to expect during the site visit

A Risk Management Inspector (RMI) or a consultant retained by the Region will schedule a time to meet with you onsite and walk the property to understand existing practices. The site visit is free and usually takes about 60 minutes. During the visit, the Region representative will:
  • Document any prescribed activities under the Clean Water Act
  • Outline whether any activities are subject to Source Protection Policies
  • Describe any next steps

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