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Due to COVID, our in-person presentations and events are cancelled until further notice. Now you can learn about and experience our local waste management programs and facilities virtually through our online resources, or virtual workshops. See details below. 

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Online learning tools, and presentations for schools

Curbside Chat: Invite a Region of Waterloo Waste Representative to your class to chat via a video platform of your choice. Topics include,

  • Finding lunch solutions: Demystify what to do with lunchtime packaging, wrappers, bottles and more!
  • Are you waste wise: Think you know how to sort materials? Solve waste management scenarios so that as much waste as possible stays out of the landfill.
  • Set it out right: Placing items curbside might seem easy. Discover the  guidelines to setting them out correctly.

New activity sheets!

  • The Rs Reverse Pyramid: Discover what we should do more of when it comes to diverting waste away from the landfill.
  • Green Bin Lifecycle: Travel with your food organics from leaving the farm to becoming compost.

Continue to access other resources like our Virtual Classrooms and Activities/Inspiration.

Virtual classrooms: Use picture clues to navigate through the various rooms.

Activities/Inspiration: Challenge your students with these engaging at home activities.

  • Fill in the blanks* – A landfill is more than just a hole in the ground. Discover the different parts of an engineered landfill cell. *For a clickable version in the original PowerPoint file format, send us an email request. 
  • Bingo - Complete a row or column on our Bingo Card. Can you complete the whole card?
  • Drag and drop* – Are you a super waste sorter? Show your classmates how it’s done! *For a clickable version in the original PowerPoint file format, send us an email request. 
  • Ideas of inspiration – Use waste management themes in other subject areas of your lesson plans.

Do you have a question regarding our online learning tools? Send us an email and we’d be happy to assist you.

Go on a virtual tour

Twice each year, in April for Earth Week and in October for Waste Reduction Week, we hosted a free, family-oriented event at our Waterloo Waste Management site.

These tours are cancelled due to COVID-19 until further notice.

Instead, you are invited to go on an amazing virtual tour. Go behind the scenes at our facility that sorts recyclables, our landfill, and more! 

What to watch for on the virtual tour:

  • Blue icon with the recycling symbol: Go behind the scenes and on the floor of our Sorting Centre! Containers are emptied in one area, the paper products and plastic bags are emptied in another.
  • Follow the arrows to the sorting room for containers. Hand sorting is the final sort in the process. To get recycled, sorting must be precise, each container must be sorted by its material type.
  • Follow the arrows to the sorting room floor, look around. Find the conveyor belts and follow along.
  • Check out the shaker table - this is why containers cannot be bagged.
  • Black icon with the garbage bag. Don't miss this! Go left to see how a new cell is constructed at our one-and-only landfill. Look up, way up 14 meters to the top of the cell. Now go right into the working cell and get up close to the compactor. See what's so special about its wheels!

Presentations and workshops

Our presentations focus on the Region of Waterloo's residential waste programs and can include: how the recycling industry is changing, why sorting is so important, tips for sorting correctly, what happens at our recycling centre, how our one-and-only landfill works, and information on our other waste services.

If your business or community group would like an online presentation or a workshop, such as a "Lunch and Learn", please contact us with your request details.

Duration: Approximately one hour (includes a presentation followed by a question and answer period).

Timing: Presentations/workshops are preferably delivered during the day, Monday to Friday. Should a request for evening or weekend hours be received, it will be reviewed and may be possible pending staffing availability and approval.

Number of participants: A minimum of 15 people must be in attendance.

Cost:  There is no charge for presentations/workshops.

Email us for scheduling information and please indicate any accessibility needs at the time of booking.

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