Bans and By-laws

Collection and disposal of waste in Waterloo Region is restricted by various laws, and the Regional waste by-law and bans below. These help to protect the health and safety of our environment, community, and collection crews, and reduce and divert waste from our local landfill.

If you need additional information about our waste bans and by-law, or would like to report a by-law issue (such as scavenging, illegal dumping, etc.), please contact our Call Centre at 519-575-4400 available 24 hours a day, every day.


Certain types of waste cannot be collected and/or landfilled in Waterloo Region due to the following bans:
  • Disposal of Waste Tire Ban: Tires were banned from both Cambridge and Waterloo landfills as of September 1, 1988. Report ER-88-110.1.
  • Old Corrugated Cardboard Landfill Ban: Cardboard was banned from Cambridge and Waterloo landfills as of April 1, 1991. Report ER-90-125.
  • Curbside Garbage Collection of Grass Ban: Grass was banned from curbside garbage collection as of March 31, 2003. Report E-02-070.
  • Landfill and Curbside Waste Collection of Electronic Waste Ban: Electronic waste was banned from both landfill and curbside waste collection as of June 6, 2005. Report E04-092.
For copies of the reports and Council meeting minutes, please contact the Regional Clerk's Office.

Waste management by-law 17-007

The title of this by-law is By-law to Govern the Collection of Waste and the Provision of Waste Management Facilities in The Regional Municipality of Waterloo and to Repeal By-law 98-87, as amended, and By-law 02-011 of The Regional Municipality of Waterloo. It includes requirements for curbside collection services and drop-off at our waste management sites, restrictions such as illegal dumping and scavenging, and penalties. For details, click on the links below:

Summary of items not collected at the curb

The following items are not collected at the curb:
  •  batteries, chemicals, paints

  • cardboard boxes full of garbage and/or recycling 
  • car or automotive parts, tires
  • concrete, fence posts or railway ties
  • construction, demolition/renovation waste (large quantities)
  • electronic waste (computers, TVs, monitors, stereos)
  • liquid waste
  • mixed piles of unbundled or loose garbage
  • propane tanks
  • recyclable cans, bottles and jugs that are in bags inside a blue box
  • syringes, needles and medicines
  • unwrapped broken glass/mirrors

For information on proper disposal of these items, ask the Waste Whiz.

For a more complete list of uncollectable (as well as collectable) items, please see Schedule A of the by-law below.

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