Cure for Litter

Litter is an community challenge and it takes a community to overcome it. The Region of Waterloo proudly partners with local municipalities, Adopt-A-Road program, the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), and others to promote waste reduction and litter prevention across the region. 

For garbage and litter issues at bus stops and ION station stops, use the Grand River Transit feedback form.

Events and litter cleanup contacts:

There are four different ways you can get involved in litter events.

1. Events organized by local municipalities. Use the contact information below to check with your local municipality. 

  • City of Cambridge: Visit Cambridge City Green or email City Green
  • City of Kitchener: Visit City of Kitchener Litter page
  • City of Waterloo: View City of Waterloo Environment page
  • North Dumfries Township: Please call their Recreation and Community Services at 519-632-8800 ext. 102.
  • Wellesley Township: Please call the Wellesley Township office at 519-699-4611.
  • Wilmot Township:  Please call the Wilmot Township office at 519-634-8444.

  • Woolwich Township: Please check with the Township office for details at 519-514-7027.

2. Region of Waterloo's Adopt-a-Road program has volunteers clean up Regional roads.

3. Ontario's Day of Action on Litter is takes place annually on the second Tuesday in May.

4. Your own litter cleanup: Please check with your local municipality first (see contacts above). If a cleanup is possible, discuss and confirm:

  • Instructions
  • Litter cleanup supplies
  • Collection of all the litter cleanup debris. Do not leave garbage bags of collected litter in parks or on trails without arranging collection ahead of time. Note: Garbage bags of collected litter placed out for curbside garbage collection count as part of the household's garbage limit. 

Litter promotional material

Logo: You can use the litter logo but you cannot add your name or any identifier to it.

The only cure for litter logo - stacked

The only cure for litter logo - horizontal

Posters: Download anti-litter posters. Keep the litter message fresh by changing up the posters you use. 

The Flicker 

The Foul Shooter

The Undertaker

You litter? People notice. 

The Wedger

The Incher 

Tips to reduce litter all year round

Prevent! Do not overfill your blue box and use windy day setout tips.

Reduce! Think of ways to reduce waste, such as refusing straws, and reusing jars for storage.

Recycle more! Out and about and can't find recycling bins? Bring your waste home to put in your green bin and blue box.

For more litter information, email us.




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