Winter Maintenance for Commercial Properties

Is your business winter-ready?

Whether you clear your snow or hire someone to do it, you are responsible for the safety of others on your property. 

Over salting or salting when not required can be damaging to your property and our community's drinking water. Salt can be part of the answer, but should never be your first or only line of defence.

Industrial, commercial and institutional properties
Prepare your winter maintenance plan

Display reminders for staff and visitors

Order form to request your winter reminders

display reminders for staff and visitors

Close unneeded outdoor areas

  • Walk your property to identify areas you can close that do not block emergency exits, accessibility ramps or entrances
  • Examples of areas to close include overflow parking, seasonal patios, extra walkways and stairways.
  • Benefits of closing unneeded areas may include:
    • Allows winter maintenance team to focus efforts on high traffic areas
    • Reduce winter maintenance costs and repairs from salt damage
    • Manage risk from potential slip and fall hazards
    • Reduce winter maintenance costs from plowing and salting
    • Provides location to store plowed snow

Are you closing areas this winter? Request your free Area Closed sign.

Example of area to close in winter

Snow removal service contractors


Training Videos

A new approach to winter maintenance

Learn about the importance of following a complete winter maintenance plan and steps to get started.

Contracts and training

Information to consider as part of your winter maintenance contract and the importance of including training.

Identifying slip and fall hazards

Identifying areas where ice can form in the winter and actions you can take to deal with potential slip and fall hazards.

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