Healthy Schools

Healthy Students = Better Learners = Brighter Futures!

Healthy Schools is an internationally recognized and evidence-based approach for building healthy school communities. This approach involves the whole school community joining together to share ideas, plan and take action to help children lead healthy, active lives. Our goal is to decrease health inequities among the student population using Healthy Schools in partnership with school communities.

Want to implement Healthy Schools? We can work with you to jump-start the process. To get your school connected or for more information about Healthy Schools, send the Healthy Schools team an email.

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Healthy Schools Handouts

We have created Healthy Schools handouts to support schools following the six-step process of the Healthy Schools approach. See below for handouts that support each step found in the Healthy Schools Guide:

Priority topic specific resources

Mental Health Promotion

The Healthy Schools approach offers comprehensive ways to build positive mental health in your school. You can also refer to your school board's mental health strategy and connect with your Mental Health Lead with any questions.

Additional Resources

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