Teaching Resources for Water

Join us at the Waterloo Wellington Children's Groundwater Festival. This year's event is online from May 16 to 19, 2022. Details and registration on the groundwater festival website.

Learn about water

Learn about the sources of your drinking water, what it takes to clean and deliver water to your home and how the water that leaves your home is treated before returning to the environment. 

Municipal water and wastewater systems


Grand River water treatment

Groundwater wells

  • refer to the "Groundwater aquifers and wells" section

Water towers


Water testing

Groundwater aquifers and wells
Water cycle and watershed

Water cycle


Great Lakes

Taking care of water

Water conservation: using less water

Water protection: keeping water clean

Wastewater: what not to flush or pour down a drain

Activities, songs and stories

Colouring sheets and activities

Songs and stories

Water trivia

Science experiments

Teaching resources

Municipal water and wastewater systems:

Groundwater wells:

Water cycle, watersheds and stormwater:

Lesson plans and websites:

Book a free presentation

Free water presentations available for schools in Waterloo Region. Water is primarily covered as part of the grade 2 and grade 8 curriculum. You can also request a general presentation on water systems for other grades or for your school's environmental club.

Complete this request form to book your free water presentation.

Grade 2 (science and technology: air and water in the environment)

  • Length: 45 minutes (up to 1 hour)
  • Learn about:
    • Where we can find water
    • Water cycle and states of water
    • Actions you can take to use less water
    • Journey of water to your tap
    • Where water goes after you flush the toilet

Grade 8 (science and technology: water systems)

  • Length: 1 hour for presentation only (up to 2 hours with hands-on activities)
  • Learn about:
    • Groundwater aquifers
    • Municipal drinking water systems (collection, treatment, distribution)
Plan a field trip (currently unavailable due to COVID-19)

Waterloo Wellington Children's Groundwater Festival

  • for grades 2 to 5
  • hands-on activities teach students about water

Region of Waterloo Mannheim Water Treatment Plant tour

  • for secondary and post secondary students and adults only
  • technical presentation and tour
  • tours by registration only based on staff availability
Careers in water

Managing water resources and providing clean drinking water to our homes involves a team of dedicated professionals. The water industry offers many challenging and rewarding careers. The American Water Works Association provides more information on working with water. 

Watch these videos produced by the Waterloo Wellington Children's Groundwater Festival: 

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