Give a second to safer journeys

Learn how your split-second decisions make all the difference on Region of Waterloo roads.

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The Safe Roads Waterloo Region campaign is dedicated to reducing injuries and deaths caused by traffic collisions on our roads. In line with the global Vision Zero movement, The Region of Waterloo believes that everyone - drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, government and traffic enforcement - has a part to play in making our roads a safer space.

All it takes is one split second

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  • chat icon

    15 seconds to check a text message

  • shoes icon

    10 seconds to put on your shoes

  • coffee mug icon

    5 seconds to pour your coffee

  • hug icon

    3 seconds to give a hug

  • air flow icon

    2 seconds to breathe in and out

  • cross road walk

    1 second to look left or right

  • collide icon

    Less than a second to collide with another vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist

One injury or fatality is one too many

Do the Extra Sec Check

check step one

Take an extra second

check step two

Take a look around for drivers,
cyclists and pedestrians

check step three

Give everyone a safe journey

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